Focused on clients points of pain and exposure. SBJ understands today\'s business landscape. In our initial period of engagement we will prioritize a customized assessment of your business challenges and concerns.

    There is no need for the business of today to endure the uncertainty of our national regulatory environment. Managing and preparing for possible complaints, compliance and audits that will be an ongoing reality should be the responsibility of SBJ while you continue your unique tradition. We provide peace of mind.

    While the norm is to promise extraordinary but unmeasurable improvement, SBJ will design specific economic metrics that will validate the value of our partnership.
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For those paying attention, Election Night 2012 was a tribute to denial as was much of that very expensive political season. After closely watching and participating in United States Presidential Campaigns since 1976, it was simple electoral math with the conclusion that offering Governor Romney condolences was the only reason to be in Boston that evening. However, Logan Airport presented a very different picture as corporate jets with business leaders arrive for the "Victory" celebration (that never happened).

Why were so many titans of industry willing to be so very very wrong? It was yet one more way to put off addressing the changed world of being the employer of record. That was the last night one could pretend that the requirements of being an employer were not going to change dramatically.

Solutions by Jonas is designed to address this long ignored reality.

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Federal Government made a dramatic choice in 2011 that appeared in budget request in 2012, over 3000 new enforcement officials were requested by various federal entities with the specific goal of meeting certain revenue projections.

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